Biographical information




Pre-Golden Age Europa

Date of birth:

Pre-Golden Age

Date of death:

  • The Collapse
  • The Dark Age
  • The City Age



Eye color:


Skin color:

Faded Grey
(Small scratches reveal the silver metal underneath the paint)

Political and military information


  • Golden Age
  • City Age


Hunter Vanguard


Hunter, Bladedancer


  • MIDA Multitool
  • Patience and Time
  • Small Throwing Knives
  • Large Hunting Knife


  • Modified set of Rustburner 1.5 Armor
  • Hardcase Cloak




"Hey, sorry I kinda hitched a ride. I'll pay you when we get back." ~Xor to the Hawk pilots after arriving on Mercury.


Xor is the last of a specific model of Exo's designed in secret on Europa in a bunker located deep within the planet. His model is constructed out of extremely sturdy materials and his human form was a scientist that lost everything when he was fired from his job at the Ishtar Academy.

His model also has a small memory chip located at the base of his skull. It can be removed and downloaded onto any device. (given that the device has enough memory)

Involvement with Argus Edit

Mercury Incident Edit

Xor arrives on mercury when the Hawks he has stowed away in suddenly change course when Scythe 6-2 broadcast a transmission for aid in repairing his jumpship. He quickly takes an almost obsessive interest in the Vex presence on the planet and requests that Scythe 6-2 take him to the Reverse-Citadel. On arrival they discover the Vex time barrier that separates them from Fireteam Argus. They take Scythe's ship to Venus, where they find a Vex Gate that leads to the interior of the Reverse-Citadel. After a brief encounter with their past selves they destroy their entry Gate, leaving them to search for another way out. Their explorations in the Citadel are cut short when an army of Vex begin gathering. Xor sacrifices himself to allow Scythe to escape and reopens a Time Gate, setting it to the point of his and Scythe's entry into the Citadel.

Using Time to Live Edit

Xor did die. However the Gate he opened resulted in a past him stepping through along with a past Scythe 6-2. The past-Xor kills past-Scythe and his Ghost before downloading the original Xor's memory, allowing the original Xor to live again.

This is a process Xor has applied often in the past. His dead body transmits a beacon on a frequency that is specified for Xor's Exo model. This beacon allows for a past self or a future self to find the body and download the memory of his corpse, therefore restoring his previous self.

Trivia Edit

  • Xor was created by the user HarmonyBass.
  • Xor is a character used before in Destiny-related fanfictions written by HarmonyBass.