Voidwatcher was Sylus Marx's custom auto rifle, and the weapon he carried with him during the Battle of Old Seattle. modified from a Vanguard-issue Shadow Price model. Uniquely enough, the Voidwatcher has included with it a Void battery, granting the rounds elemental properties. At Sylus' funeral, Voidwatcher was buried with him.

Appearance Edit

Voidwatcher shares much of its appearance with Shadow Price, mainly the shape of the rifle. Down the center leading towards the muzzle, the void battery is partially exposed; whenever the weapon is fired, it ejects Void energy as a means to cool off the battery. The main weapon itself shares a new design, with a sleek, black look and a Ranged Lens RLS3, with a purple lens. Besides the void battery and paint scheme, Voidwatcher functions identically to a common Shadow Price auto rifle.