Vita Extinctor IX is the flagship of the Storm Juggernauts Legion, and has seen combat in many campaigns, the most recent being the Europa Incident. When the Storm Juggernauts was deemed as traitors by their fellow Legion the Ice Hammers, Vita Extinctor and her crew was forced to fend of multiple assaults from the Hammers smaller warships. It is presumed that in the battle that marked the definitive end of the Europa Incident, the Extinctor destroyed or crippled the warships Glaciem Malleus XIII and Gelu Bestia VII. Vita Extinctor is also known as being the only Cabal ship to use Exterminatus-class Energy Cannons.


  • Two Exterminatus-Class Energy Cannons.
  • Eight Annihilator-Class Cannons.
  • Twenty Destructor-Class Cannons.