The Repetitive Mind
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Political and military information


  • The Dark Age
  • The City Age



Axis Mind


  • Four, solar-based Torch Cannons
  • Time-negating Stasis Fields
  • Opening Vex timegates at will


Heavily armored and reinforced carapace, with an impenetrable, shaped energy shield

The Repetitive Mind is the titular antagonist of The Repetitive Mind event, and a powerful Axis Mind of the Lupo Prohibition. It is rumored to have so much power that it can erase entire events, effectively re-writing timelines in the Vex's favor. No one knows when exactly the Repetitive Mind was created, perhaps it was created when Mercury fell to the Vex—or was created immediately after the destruction of Atheon in the Vault of Glass. All that is understood is that the Repetitive Mind was awakened for the singular purpose of reversing all efforts against the Vex war machine. A powerful Mind capable of destroying the entirety of our reality, all that is understood of this absolute power is that it will come from a source on Mercury. The Repetitive Mind's purpose is its programming, and now that it is awakened it will stop at no measure to complete its goal.