Tavris, Bladeborn, was a Fallen mercenary who belonged to the House of Blades, prior to the death of their Kell and Archon Priest at the hands of rival Fallen. Disgusted with how low his House sunk in their struggle to survive, Tavris took his Skiff, a few handful of Vandals and Dregs loyal to him and left the Blades to rot. He took up a life of piracy, offering his services to Kells around the system. During the early stages of the House of Flames' fracture, commonly known as The Shattering, Tavris and his crew was hired by the Flame Kell to help with an assault against Vex forces present on Neptune's moon, Triton. It is unknown whether or not he remained loyal to his original employer, or if the House of Storms provided him with a larger reward in return for his support in their betrayal against the Flames.