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1.93 meters


70 kilograms

Eye color:

Vibrant Orange

Political and military information


  • The City Era


  • House of Judgement
  • The Traveler
  • Fireteam Asperia




Reclaimed, Raptor


  • Wolfslayer's Claw II
  • Queenbreaker's Bow
  • Null Cannon


  • Variks the Loyal
  • Petra Venj

""Redemption is not an easy path. But for those seeking a second chance, it is the only path worth choosing.""-Variks the Loyal

Rykis the Talon is a male Eliksni Reclaimed. Serving the House of Judgement, and by extension the Awoken. Together with his friend and partner Thura Vim, Rykis has fought for the light of the Traveler across the solar system.

Biography Edit

Resurrection Edit

Rykis was resurrected by his Ghost on Callisto, immediately following a preemptive Vanguard Strike against the House of Change's Servitor Constructor. Being resurrected in a stronghold of the House of Change has led Rykis to believe he was part of this house in his first life. His Ghost eventually led him to a Skiff, which he commandeered and piloted to the Reef, where he met Variks the Loyal, and was given his new title; Reclaimed.

City AgeEdit

Doom Wraiths' ApproachEdit

During the Doom Wraiths entrance into the solar system, Rykis fought with the Awoken royal fleet. At the climax of the battle, Rykis boarded the Dextera Acerbus I and killed Primus Va'graan. In the aftermath, he claimed the Cabal ship for the Awoken, and his own personal flagship.


Rykis is a soft-spoken, intelligent Fallen. Often when participating in discussions with other more powerful individuals he will remain quiet, only speaking when spoken to, a lasting side effect of his Dreg conditioning. When speaking to other Reclaimed, he is often loud and brash, hoping to inspire them to even greater heights. Perhaps his most notable shift in demeanor comes whenever he visits the Last City. Seeing the Great Machine fills him with sadness and a sense of lost purpose. He will often go quiet and stare up at it, ignoring his surroundings. This is reflected to a lesser degree when in proximity to Guardians, almost becoming jealous of their position.

Trivia Edit

  • Rykis is the main PC created and used by user SOSDarkPhoenix
  • Rykis was first seen in the 'Stories of the Whirlwind' RP, as a lowly Dreg of the House of Change.