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"Be there no more amongst thee to challenge me? Then I claim the title of Captain and Pikemaster as my own!"- Raks, upon ascending to his new rank

Raks, Pikemaster was a Fallen Captain in the House of Storms, and commander of the Storms' Pikeriders.


Raks started out as a simple Vandal in the House of Storms. However, his skill at riding a Pike was soon recognized and he was promoted to serve with the Pikeriders.

Europa IncidentEdit

In the first parts of the Europa Incident, Raks served under the unnamed Captain known as the Pikemaster, who in turn served under the Archon Rhall. His first major action in the Cabal-Fallen war was when he took part in the raid against Firebase Actium, the Ice Hammers' base-of-operations on Europa. Following the successful attack, the Pikeriders attempted to raid Firebase Omegus. This attack failed, as the Storm Juggernauts were prepared for the attack, and drove the Fallen raiders away, while retaliating by fielding Pursuers. In this counter-attack, the Pikemaster lost his life to the Cabal. After fighting other members of the group, Raks claimed the Pikemaster title for himself, and led the Pikeriders towards Storm Pass, where the House of Storms had their main stronghold.

Battle for Storm PassEdit

During the Battle for Stormwind Pass, Raks led his Pikeriders in hit-and-run attacks on the advancing Cabal forces. Eventually, when Primus Ma'carn and his Honor Guard breached the second defence line, Raks was challenged by the Cabal general. Before they could engage each other, Raks was ordered to withdraw towards the remaining defences. Raks, frustrated and angered, but knowing he would be docked if he ignored his orders, decided to obey. After this event, Raks observed the battle from a mountain peak, together with several other Storm commanders.


After the Battle for Storm Pass, Raks was ordered to defend the Icicle Towers complex from eventual attacks. When the combined might of the Storm Juggernauts, the House of Flames, the House of Blades and Fireteam Argus hit the defence lines, Raks Pikeriders proved to be of no use in defending the outer walls. In a last-ditch attempt to hurt the Cabal, Raks drove his Heavy Pike right into Primus Ma'carn. The Primus was ready for such a move and struck Raks' Pike with his Archammer. This caused the Pike to be throttled into the air and Raks was pinned under it. Ma'carn then promptly ripped Raks in half, his legs still stuck under the wreckage.