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Kell of Storms
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3 meters


136 kilograms

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The City Age


House of Storms


Scavenged metal armor lined with fur

""Children of the Whirlwind, heed my call! Long hath Flight hardened us, made us strong! Now cometh the time to put that strength to the test! The time of the City draws to a close! The time of Flight and fear and ruin cometh to an end! We holdth the key to the City's end! The Humans have offered up both the secrets to their own downfall, and the means to realize it! The house of storms calls to you now, children of the whirlwind! Cast off thy flags! Join us! The storms welcome all save the kings, who shall try to cloud thy thoughts and poison thy ether! Deny them this! Come forth and join the storms! The final chapter of our long flight awaits!"--Neiksis, urging the other Houses to join the Storms

Neiksis is the Kell of House of Storms and leader of the giant Fallen/Exo army assembled at the forge moon Io.


Almost nothing is known about Neiksis before he became the Kell of House of Storms. As hinted by the Archon Rhall and the Baron Kahniss, he may have once been a Baron before he usurped the Kellship.

Europa IncidentEdit

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During the Europa Incident Neiksis did little to directly help his House in the conquest of the Icicle Towers. Instead, he let his vassals Kahniss and Rhall do the dirty work, while he was holed up in his Ketch, occasionally having Rhall and Kahniss report to him. After the defeat of Rhall at the Icicle Towers, he quickly led his House off-world, disappearing for six months.

The Forge Moon BattlesEdit

Six months after the events on Europa, Neiksis resurfaced together with his House, urging other Houses to join him in order to destroy the Last City and reclaim the Traveler.