Biographical information





Skin color:

Red and grey hull

Political and military information


The City Age


  • The Tempests
    (Disbanded after Taken War)
  • Vanguard


Stormcaller Warlock


  • Zhalo Supercell
  • JabberHäkke-D
  • Thundersoul
    (Arc Blade)


  • Apotheosis Veil (Helmet)
  • Dead Light Wrap
  • Infinite Lines Gloves
  • Dusktread VI
  • Racer's Bond
Khyber-2 is an Exo Warlock, and was a member of the Tempests; a group of Stormcaller Warlocks who played an important role in the Taken War. Following the demise of Oryx, Khyber eventually joined forces with Avgust and Orkrim, who wished to recruit Mordecai as a Hunter Vanguard; afterwards, Khyber joined them in their mission to Mercury.

Biography Edit

The Taken War Edit

It is easy to become comfortable with the enemy we know, our familiar foes. But to discount the menaces that lurk beyond the known world is to risk a rude awakening that can become a nightmare. This nightmare is the Taken Invasion.

The Warlocks may preach understanding, but when it is the Light itself that is threatened, all must serve in the defense of the Traveler. The reclusive group known as the Stormcallers was one of the many called away from their studies to join the war against the new aggressors. Under the orders of their Vanguard, and the cooperation of the City, a strike force was formed to harass the Taken King himself and his personal armies. They were known as the Tempest.

Among their ranks was the Warlock Khyber-2.  Khyber, however, was often kept away from the more dangerous missions, much to his dismay.  Instead of partaking in the more ragtag skirmishes, Khyber was instead assigned to communicate with the main organizer of many of their missions, Avgust Sokolov.  Khyber would only partake in the most elaborately planned battles, where there was no hope for the enemy, but there was a need for better communication with the City.  Khyber and a few of the other Envoys, as they were called, often resorted to begging to take part in the action.  Often they were made to sit on the ground, like children, due to a few cases in which certain Envoys charged in without orders

Eventually the Tempests came against something that would not fail prey to a simple hit-and-run.  An Echo of Oryx, leading a massive army of Taken cohorts, attacked the team where they were stationed, behind the King's own lines on his own ship.  The Tempests were caught completely by surprise, but Khyber managed to take charge in the confusion and lead a hasty defense.  The Taken charged from the remotest sections of the previously fortified area, from every door, window, and wall.  Many Guardians were lost in the battle.  But because of Khyber's tactics, they managed to delay the Darkness long enough for relief forces to arrive.  With their numbers bolstered, they slayed the Echo, and the remaining forces melted away.

Following this engagement, Khyber and the Tempests were called back to the city, as Oryx himself had been killed.  The Tempests were disbanded after the Taken War, and Khyber-2 went back to his studies.

Mercury Incident/The Repetitive Mind Edit