Khrell was a Vandal not part of any House, trying to survive on his own as best he could. After "borrowing" a Jumpship from a Guardian, the events of the Europa Incident came to his attention, due to the ship's autopilot set there. After a brief fight with the group of Guardians who would form Fireteam Argus, Khrell decided to aid their cause against the House of Storms, not holding any allegiance to the Storms. However, when a large snowstorm hit Europa, engulfing the surface in flying snow and ice, Khrell was left behind by Stalker, who knowingly caused the Vandal to get lost while he led the others to safety in a nearby cave. Khrell, not having any idea about what to do, began to dig a hole as shelter, but before he could finish his work, the cold had already caught the poor Vandal, and Khrell slowly froze to death. In the following morning, Orkrim Katesh found Khrell's frozen corpse. Stalker advised the group to leave the Fallen warrior, stating that there was nothing they could do. The Argus members seemed to share this sentiment, and thus they carried on.