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  • Ogre Mind Blast
  • Fetid Aura
Kharot, the Decaying, was a Hive Ogre cursed with the Blessing of Bone ritual. While Knights of the Bones of Enxor could easily receive the ritual without any other harm than being twisted into the abominations that the Bone Zealots are, any other sort of Hive would perish under the curse, or become a maddened Vessel of Death. Kharot was a hybrid. While not fully alive, he was not dead either, and could use the curse to full extent without being consumed. Kharot died in the Hellmouth on Luna, while defending the final piece of Enxor from Fireteam Theseus. However, during the fighting, Kharot managed to kill the Guardians Jackdaw and Daron, and also wound Breonn Karizak.


Kharot, the Decaying was able to travel through dark pools of liquid like most Hive. However, upon appearing at a location, a symbol similar to a Vestige of Crota, composed of Void, would be created in the immediate vicinity. Kharot drew power from this Vestige. Kharot had an Eye Laser, similar to other Ogres. However, Kharot's Eye Laser moved slower, but with more power and added explosive damage. Kharot was only able to fire this Eye Laser when he was situated within the Vestige.

Other attacks used by Kharot, the Decaying included a raging charge and a smashing attack. His rotting scent also weakened the Guardians slowly as they fought.


Kharot, the Decaying was destroyed by Fireteam Theseus after a long battle, involving the defence of the last piece of Enxor. He died after a heavy barrage of explosives melted his body, shortly before the chamber in which the battle took place collapsed. Despite his death, half of Theseus was killed in the ensuing destruction of the ritual chamber, unable to escape before it collapsed atop of them.