The House of Storms is a secretive Fallen House located on the Jovian Moons. Up until recently they had their main base on Europa, however, after the events of the Europa Incident, the majority of the House fled the moon, leaving only a small fraction of their force behind.


The House of Storms is one of the older Houses in the system. However, due to the secrecy of them, almost nothing is known about their origins. The two most common theories are that they either originated from the House of Flames as a group of traitors, or that the Storms tricked the majority of the Flames to join them, thus weakening the Flames.

The Europa IncidentEdit

The whole event known as the Europa Incident was started by the House of Storms when they tried to gain access to the Golden Age Exo Facility known as the Icicle Towers. This drew the attention of both the Vanguard and the Warmind Rasputin.

Notable StormsEdit


  • Stormship Elkris-Fel
  • Stormship Elkris-Kest
  • Stormship Elkris-Sev