The House of Change is one of the original 13 Eliksni Houses that existed before the Whirlwind. They were largely regarded as the scientists and brainiacs of the Eliksni people, focusing their efforts on advancing and evolving Eliksni technology and life. Their base of operations is currently on Callisto.

The WhirlwindEdit

During the Whirlwind, the House of Change's Prime went missing in the chaos, causing the majority of the House to flee to the other houses for Ether. During the evacuation of the Eliksni homeworld, most of the House of Change's members had been absorbed into the other houses, most notably the House of Devils.

Those of the house who did not abandon when their Prime went missing stood by the Kell and Archon Priest in their search for their missing god, ultimately finding it, the details of which are still unknown.

It is widely accepted that the splicers found within most houses were once members of the House of Change.

Resurgence of ChangeEdit

During the City Age, the House of Change declared itself once more, based on Callisto, and claiming that their Prime had been rediscovered. Azkyr, the Kell of Change, urged all Eliksni that were once part of his house to return to his side once more, and any other Eliksni in need of refuge were offered a place in the House.

Notable MembersEdit


  • Changeship Kothriks-Sai
  • Changeship Kothriks-Ist


  • The House of Change is one of the 13 houses in the Stories of the Whirlwind continuity, being House 12.