The Bone Wraith
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17.37 meters


1050 kilograms

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  • The Golden Age
  • The City Age


Bones of Enxor


Hive God


  • Darkness Scythe
  • Nightmare Crystals


Heavily armored Chitin surrounded by a Light-eating Darkness Aura


""Death will claim you, your people, your worlds, your hope.""-Enxor to Fireteam Argus, after his awakening

Enxor, Bone Wraith is a Hive God worshiped by the Bones of Enxor, and was the primary antagonist of the Ceres Incident. In the years leading up to the Collapse, Enxor wiped out entire colonies single-handed, leading to him being revered by other Hive as the manifestation of Death itself.

Biography Edit

The Collapse Edit

During the Collapse, Enxor and his legions attacked the colonies in the asteroid belt and the colony ships attempting to flee Earth, in an event known as the Reef Cataclysm. These attacks are what made the Reef into what it is today, and also granted the Hive control over gigantic amounts of space. Enxor's rule over the asteroid belt gave the Hive the opportunity to attack Earth, but before Enxor's legions had the power to do so, a team of Guardians managed to fight through the Hive forces and slay Enxor on Ceres.

While it was a victory for the City, the Guardians who accomplished the feat all died during or after the battle, and Enxor had not truly been defeated. Instead of being consumed by his Worm, Enxor's body was shattered and spread across the solar system, and his most loyal servants began to work in secret to ensure the survival of his Sect and Enxor himself.

Ceres Incident/The Bone Wraith Edit

Long after Enxor had been put to sleep, the Bones of Enxor sought to collect his sacred bones, and renew their efforts with destroying humanity. This started with the disaster on Luna, as the Bones of Enxor summoned forth Kharot to stop Fireteam Theseus from acquiring the bones buried on the moon. Defeating half of Fireteam Theseus, with the other half succumbing to the whims of the heretic Darkbringer, the Bones of Enxor succeeded in acquiring the Bones, returning them to the fortress on Ceres.

When Fireteam Argus came to stop Enxor's resurrection, they were confronted by the Bones of Enxor's acting leader, Zakrak, and his fleet of Mausoleums and Coffins above Ceres.

Enxor was resurrected during the Ceres Incident, and was confronted in his throne world beneath the surface of Ceres. He was killed, thanks to the exploits of Fireteam Argus. In his death, Enxor's throne world crumbled, as did his entire fortress. Most of the Bones of Enxor were likely killed in the aftermath, spelling the definite end of the entire order.