The Burning Nightmare
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15.90 meters


965 kilograms

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Political and military information


  • The Golden Age
  • The City Age


Eyes of Crevox


Hive God


  • Mace imbued with Voidlight (Starfracture)
  • Darkness Bolts


Chitin able to meld into shadows


""The pitiful light of your Traveler is powerless against me, risen one. There is only the dark. ""-Crevox to Mia Preston during the discovery of the Black Ark

Crevox, the Burning Nightmare is a Hive God worshiped primarily by the Eyes of Crevox, and to a lesser extent, the entirety of the Hive. Crevox is the only spawn of Xivu Arath, leading many to see him as the personification of death, the swift and terrible justice of the Deep. During the Collapse, he and his sect were absent, entombed beneath the ice of Oberon. In the Hive pantheon, Crevox represents the physical presence of the darkness in its purest form.

Biography Edit

Pre-Golden Age Edit

Four thousand years before humanity discovered the Traveler on Mars, Crevox lead his own sect, The Eyes of Crevox, and a proxy army belonging to another sect, The Baleful Blades, on a grand crusade across the northern Milky Way. He encountered many small and largely insignificant sentient races, each crushed in turn by the might of the Sword Logic. This conquest continued largely unopposed, until his arrival on the world they called "Sisma".

Here, Crevox came face to face with a race of towering quadrupeds far more advanced than the species they previously encountered. The creatures were ferocious warriors, able to hold their ground against whatever the Hive threw at them. Eventually, Crevox himself challenged their leader to a duel of might. Only the strongest would survive, in true Hive fashion. After a battle that raged for an hour, Crevox struck down the leader and claimed his skull as a reward. Without their leadership, the quadrupeds resolve faltered, and the Hive eradicated them. After this battle, Crevox's crusade continued yet again.

Golden Age Edit

During the Golden Age, Crevox came to blows with another Hive God, Ranus, and a battle between their sects was initiated, drawing all of Crevox's attention. Crevox was able to gain a foothold aboard Ranus' ship, and from there, the journey to his chamber was short. Crevox cracked open Ranus' skull with his mace, Starfracture, and subsequently sent Ranus' soul back into his ascendant realm. The sect dedicated to Ranus, The Brink Watchers, was shattered, and half-absorbed into Crevox's own sect.

The Collapse Edit

During the Collapse, Crevox's flagship, the Black Ark, was en route to Earth. During the journey, the ship suffered a massive power failure, the work of a treacherous former member of The Brink Watchers still loyal to Ranus. The Black Ark crash landed on the outermost moon of Uranus, Oberon, and was largely buried in ice and snow, the Hive remaining trapped within.

Discovery of the Black Ark Edit