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Battle of the Lighthouse


Fields of Glass, Mercury


Fireteam Argus and Cult of Osiris victory; heavy Vex losses, Aello destroyed


The Battle for the Lighthouse was an early battle during the Repetitive Mind campaign, which involved the Vex launching a massive offensive against Fireteam Argus and the Cult of Osiris. It took place between The Burning Shrine and the Lighthouse, and the no-man's land in between.

Forces Edit

Cult of Osiris Edit

Prior to the battle, a portion of the Cult of Osiris was stationed at the Lighthouse, likely keeping things tidy and preparing for the arrival of Trials winners. Much to their surprise, a Guardian fireteam shows up out of nowhere and demands entry. The acting leader, Reina Starbeck, doesn't feel very keen about this. The Cult of Osiris boasts a range of impressive firepower, mostly handmade from alloys found on the harsh landscape of Mercury. Every member is well armed and well trained, having proficient knowledge of the Vex, thanks to Osiris' teachings and the fact that their major territory lies straight in the heart of a Vex world. As well as having Reina, the Cult of Osiris was co-conducted by Pariah Vey, another Disciple.

Fireteam Argus Edit

At the time of the Battle of the Lighthouse, Fireteam Argus was composed of the Guardians from a Crucible match in progress, plus Fenrir. The other Guardians included Chorrin Nitek, Sara Oray, Avori and Ferla Tur. For the duration of the battle, Fireteam Argus was being led by the former commander of Fireteam Theseus, Arxus Essal. All members of the fireteam specialized in certain tactics and weapons, allowing them to efficiently utilize their skills in a variety of manners.

The Lupo Prohibition Edit

The major antagonist of The Repetitive Mind, The Lupo Prohibition is the Vex programming that desires to erase all Guardian victories. During the Battle of the Lighthouse, the Lupo Prohibition is led by a powerful Vex Hydra called Aello. This particular Hydra has a massive rail cannon seated on its head, able to launch hyper-condensed bursts of energy across long distances. Using this, Aello is able to easily fire off volleys that bridge the distance between the Burning Shrine and the Lighthouse. As well as itself, Aello was reinforced with a colossal army of Vex, including new Vex types like the Cetus and Siren.

Events Edit